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The Nithart from Eschentzwiller:

There is not much to say about them except that they are the most ancient found so far (1230/1260). These Nithart were essentially farmers. Several generations were Schultheiss for the village, meaning representative of the Lord of the area, to protect his properties and rights.

Only one is still well known as he was a co-leader of the farmers' uprising against catholic  church privileges and abuses at the time of the reform. His name is Mathis Nithart. He was probably Schultheiss around 1525 at the time of this regional revolt. Maybe this protected him against hanging as he was one of the very few who survived. There is a street with his name and he is a key caracter in a play about this event.

The Nithard from Rixheim:

There were several branches in this village that could not be linked together due to lack of church records. These people were mostly craftsmen, vine growers and farmers.

The main branch could however be completed as, in the 17th century, Bartholomeus Nithard was Schultheiss (son of  Bernard Nithart who was then Schultheiss at Eschentzwiller.)  Members of this branch were essentially registrars, public prosecutors, solicitors or equivalent.

The Officially registered Coats of arms of the family are found there. See page on coats of arms.

The Nithart from Riedisheim:

Around 1640 after he got married in Eschentzwiller, Jean Jacques Nithart moved to Riedisheim and became the ancestor of most of the Nithart found in France, including myself. These Nithart were essentially farmers and craftsmen. It is still the case to-day


There are several lineages from the above villages dispersed widely mainly after France lost the war against Germany in 1870. They did not want to become German citizens as Alsace was then integrated into Germany. To mention: Charles Nithard (my great uncle), an engineer  who, among other things, created  in Lyons the first  Electric Trolleybus in France around 1900. There is still a Nithart in Florida since four generations.

The map below shows the location of the 3 villages mentioned above. Click on it to enlarge.

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For further information on the French Nithart, visit http://www.nithart.com

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