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Coats of arms - Nithart from rixheim

The King of France ordered by a chart dated  March 18, 1696 to register all bearers of coats of arms, in order to cash money, because registration was an expensive tax to be paid by each member of the family using the family coats of arms.

As a result of this, many people abandoned their rights in order to avoid this new tax.

By an edict dated March 19, 1697, the King ordered to trace all those who abandoned their right and to force them into paying! 

The inventory was completed in 1718 for the whole of France and in 1704 for Alsace where 4152 registrations were made. Out of these 4152 are 1808 which had been abandoned to avoid paying the new tax. These  1808 persons were  forced to pay anyway!              

In this inventory, we find: François Guillaume Nithard (registrar for the town of Brunstatt) Joseph Nithard ( public prosecutor to the Conseil Souverain d'Alsace) as well as the description of the design.

Both were sons of Bartholomeus NITHARD, Schultheiss of  the town of Rixheim (son of a NITHART also Schultheiss in Eschentzwiller) 

No trace of family coats of arm was found so far in Eschentzwiller where the family is traced back to the 13th century.

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