Charles Nithard

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Son of Xavier Nithart and Joséphine Krantz, Charles was born in Riedisheim, near Mulhouse (68), on October 2, 1868 and died in Ecully near Lyon on Mai 11, 1946. He graduated in Basel as an engineer. Unlike his ten brothers and sisters, his name was mispelled to Nithard when he got married and he kept it with a “D” at the end, instead of the original “T”.

Charles was a proactive engineer:

He developed and managed, in 1901, the first electricity powered perch trolleybus line in Lyon, This was the first of this type in France. It ran from 1904 until 1906. It stopped when a pruner got killed after touching the electrical lines.

He also created the railway line between Morez, St Cergue and Nyon, linking France and Switzerland.

He owned and run a coal mine not far from Lyon which he flooded in 1940 to prevent the German  to run it.

He also created a well known consultancy firm  and ran it until his death. 

Electrobus Nithard in 1904 in Charbonnières:

-L'electrobus Nithard de 1904 à Charbonnières:  


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It seems that the Schiermann "electrobus" in Mulhouse (68), operational in 1907-1918, was based on technology developed by Ch. Nithard.

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Charles around 1895.

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